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Dumb Bitch Guide to Birth Charts

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SUN SIGN ASTROLOGY IS FAKE NEWS. once you get a taste of how devastatingly specific the full birth chart can be, you'll never be able to go back to sun sign platitudes. i'm here to help you not need to google shit every 30 seconds when you're just starting out. LFGGG bitch. YOUR DESTINY AWAITS.

The Dumb Bitch Guide to Birth Charts is a one-page quick n dirty reference zine for dumb bitches who want to read birth charts. In it you'll find a visual breakdown of the chart itself as well as its key components—planets, signs, houses and aspects. Its simple enough to get you going if you have no clue wtf is going on, and detailed enough to be a useful reference if you know your way around a chart and are ready to dig into the more subtle interrelationships among the elements.

Enjoy! —Bebe

about the zine:
US letter size, front & back, folded into a quarter-size zine
risograph-printed using vegetable-based ink on uncoated heavyweight paper
ships to US, UK & Canada!