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Rude Awokenings vol. II

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I’m writing this now to remind myself that art-making never happens without agony and ill-timed interruptions along the way. I forget this often, while bemoaning the inopportune conditions of my so-called life. If only bad things never happened to me, THEN I could make ALL the art I WANT. But in reality, making art comes tangled in grief and crises of faith and logistical nightmares and unintelligible shrieks of despair (for me at least). It can’t only happen in perfectly pristine conditions because those conditions don’t exist, for anyone really.

So to be honest—to write from the inside out—I’m a fucking mess you guys.

- excerpt from Introduction

Rude Awokenings is a serial zine about the life lessons that try to get our attention and which we desperately try to remain ignorant of for as long as we possibly can, even when we know its killing us.

In vol. II, I am depressed and I know it and I will not clap my hands. Topics include black holes, outrunning my own bankruptcy (barely) and the garment industry's dumpster fire of a global supply chain. Enjoy! —Bebe

about the zine:
size: 4.25in x 5.5in
risograph-printed cover using vegetable-based ink on uncoated paper
cover illustration, text layout and assembly done by hand in Portland, OR
ships to US, UK & Canada!

sliding scale pricing:
$22.22 — sustainability star
invests in my long-term capacity as an independent artist.

$14.00 — zine fiend
covers the cost of materials and time spent writing, illustrating, printing and assembling the zine.

$11.11 — printing pal
covers the cost of materials and some time spent printing and assembling.