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Other Shameless Things (DIGITAL ZINE)

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This zine is my heart broken open, turned inside out and laid at the altar of our shared humanity. It is the re-emergence into life after devastation, the breaking of the chrysalis, the pain joyfully embraced along with the love. And yes, because I'm still me, it all happens as I'm screaming, crying, laughing and throwing up all at the same time. What did you expect? You can take the bitch out of the dumb, but you can't take the dumb out of the bitch, bitch.

If you read only one of my zines, let it be this one. It is my deepest undefended offering of everything I know to be true about this fucked up crazy beautiful mystery of a life we're all living together.

I hope you enjoy. —Bebe

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invests in my long-term capacity as an independent artist.

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covers my time spent designing and tech-wrangling.