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How to laugh instead of wanting to die

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Trauma was my onramp into intersectional feminism. This worldview mirrored back my alienation and rage, providing political justification for these feelings. I had long been passionate about social justice, but now with access to early 2010s Tumblr and blogs, a cohesive framework came into view, and I felt a sense of conviction and power like never before.

Anti-oppression. Anti-racism. Dismantling the white supremacist capitalist imperialist cisheteropatriarchy. All the pieces fit together. I was a student organizer, making bold moves, getting shit done for my community. I was on fire.

I was also extremely, clinically, chronically, miserably depressed. And rather than lifting me out of the darkness, this new worldview was making me much much sicker.

- excerpt from Introduction

This is my first self-published collection of essays. In it, I share for the first time how my time as a traumatized activist led me ever deeper into my own personal hell, and what I learned on the way back up. Despite being scared shitless at the thought of being judged by imaginary readers, I've done my best to write something that's honest, useful, and maybe, hopefully, a little bit funny. At its core, this zine is an invitation to see the beautifully stupid, mundane world we live in for what it really is, and a prayer that as we do so we are also better able to see one another. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being here. —Bebe

about the zine:
size: 4.25in x 5.5in
risograph cover in assorted colors
collage design, text layout and assembly done by hand in Portland, OR
shipping to US, UK & Canada!

sliding scale pricing:
$22.22 — sustainability star
invests in my long-term capacity as an independent artist.

$14.00 — zine fiend
covers the cost of materials and time spent writing, illustrating, printing and assembling the zine.

$11.11 — printing pal
covers the cost of materials and some time spent printing and assembling.