How to laugh instead of wanting to die: Further wrongthink reading

How to laugh instead of wanting to die: Further wrongthink reading

Howdy zine-readers!

Below are some links to further reading on some of the topics covered in How to laugh instead of wanting to die.

Each of the authors below have loads more for you to discover on their websites and social media, so if someone's work speaks to you I definitely recommend digging deeper. All social media handles included are for Instagram.

Thank you so much for reading my zine. I hope you find these resources helpful. <3, Bebe


Further Wrongthink Reading

Is it just me or… do we need to talk about online social justice culture? - Megan Jayne Crabbe (@meganjaynecrabbe)

Canceling - Contrapoints (@contrapoints)

Exiting the Vampire Castle - Mark Fisher

Planet of Cops - Freddie deBoer

Cancel culture sucks, but Big Tech sucks more - Molly Frances (@molefrances)

We Can Create Something Brand New - Clementine Morrigan (@clementinemorrigan)

An open letter: why I’m leaving the cult of wokeness - Africa Brooke (@africabrooke)

“Let Me Go Get My Big White Man”: The Clientelist Foundation of Contemporary Antiracist Politics - Adolph Reed

Socialists shouldn’t be afraid of organizing conservative workers - Jay Lesoleil (@dominophagy)

We Can't Cancel Ourselves Into A Better World - Ben Burgis (Jacobin mag)

Jacobin Magazine - Amazing print/online publication offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics and culture


(For some examples of the types of programs that exemplify pro-solidarity socialism, go to this blog post.)